BBG Sports – Real Time Digital Innovation for Sport

BBG Sports is the inventor of ‘Hot Spot’, the tool that revolutionised the world of cricket.

During the 2018/19 Australian summer, we debuted The Comet, exclusively for Fox Sports.

BBG’s mission is to provide the best possible technology and to allow it’s recipients, the fastest, most authentic and visually transparent information, over any digital platform in real time.

Since 1991 BBG Sports has shared it’s expertise with television networks and sporting administrations globally, to deliver the best possible information to their audiences in a clear, concise, format that is simple to process and easy to comprehend.

BBG Sports continues to research and develop technology that is at the forefront of innovation – and that remains relevant and reliable for their audience. The company prides itself on being an industry leader, with almost thirty years experience of integrating hardware, software and networking components in order to create innovative, turn key, real time solutions for sports broadcasting.

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