Camera Tricks in Cricket

Camera Tricks in Cricket

One thing we have learned in almost twenty years in sports TV (and particularly cricket) is that what you think you see on screen is not necessarily what actually happens. There is an old saying that “the camera never lies”. Well, work long enough in TV and you’ll realise that that is not always true!!


Whenever I think about this, I always come back to the incident in the above clip. The batsman was given not out by the umpire. The fielding team thought they heard a noise and referred it to the third umpire for DRS. There was no noise on RTS but the third umpire thought he saw a deviation off the glove in both the bottom left and bottom right sections of the clip.


At first glance, it looks like the ball is touching the glove. However, all three cameras in an RTS clip are perfectly synched, and the top section of the clip shows that the ball is still in front of the batsman’s gloves. The third umpire didn’t notice this discrepancy, and an incorrect decision was made.

So next time you’re watching sport and a ball comes directly at the camera or away from the camera, remember that things may not always be what they seem.

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