The Synergy of Hot Spot & Real Time Snicko

For those of you that haven’t been actively involved in watching Cricket over the past 5 years the game has changed dramatically during this period with the introduction of the Decision Review System (DRS). This involves using 3 different types of technology to help officiating of the game in two major areas as follows;

1) LBW via Ball-Tracking-Technology
2) Fine Edge detection (ball-on-bat-or-ball-on-glove) via Infrared imaging or audio based detection

Our company, BBG Sports provides the most effective solution for faint-adge-detection as we combine our Hot Spot and Real-Time-Snickometer (RTS) technologies in order to present two different opinions for fine-edge-detection decision making.

Over the past 5 years, we have said publicly on several occasions that neither of our technologies are 100% perfect.  Under certain conditions, Hot Spot can be more appropriate than RTS and on other occasions RTS can be the more conclusive. What I do know for certain is that the combination of both products give decision makers the very best opportunity to make correct decisions…..a little bit like going to a doctor and getting an ultrasound followed by an MRI to diagnose a medical situation.

Since November 2013, Hot Spot and RTS have provided a very powerful combination of technologies that have produced the following statistics;

– 95% of the time Hot Spot and RTS give the same conclusion.
– 4% of the time only one of Hot Spot or RTS will be conclusive.
– 1% of the time neither Hot Spot or RTS will be conclusive.


In total, the combination of both technologies have enabled superior decision making compared to either product being used in isolation.

If anyone tries to convince you that a single technology is more accurate than a combined suite of technologies then it’s probably best if you suggest they head to the doctor for a second opinion.

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