We’re in Esteemed Company

  A few years ago, the Sydney Morning Herald published an article detailing the contributions Australians have made to the world of science and technology (Luke Slattery, “What Will They Think of Next,” Sydney Morning Herald, 25 January 2014, https://www.smh.com.au/technology/what-will-we-think-of-next-20140120-313fl.html). From the invention of Wifi to the the evolution of the Black Box flight recorder,Continue reading “We’re in Esteemed Company”

The MCG Boxing Day Test : A Few Thoughts

There were lots of opinions, plenty of debate and much speculation as to the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne this year. Most of this speculation centred around the quality of the drop in pitch. One talking point which baffled many a scribe and former players was the manor of the dismissals of England’s James VinceContinue reading “The MCG Boxing Day Test : A Few Thoughts”

The Synergy of Hot Spot & Real Time Snicko

For those of you that haven’t been actively involved in watching Cricket over the past 5 years the game has changed dramatically during this period with the introduction of the Decision Review System (DRS). This involves using 3 different types of technology to help officiating of the game in two major areas as follows; 1)Continue reading “The Synergy of Hot Spot & Real Time Snicko”

A walk to the change rooms that led sport down a whole new path

For the best part of the last 30 years I have been involved in the development and implementation of real-time technology to help improve the operation and efficiency of sporting events around the globe. And I still very clearly remember the defining moment when I saw a huge opportunity to do things better.   IvanContinue reading “A walk to the change rooms that led sport down a whole new path”