Our People

Our People

Warren Brennan

Warren Brennan
– Founder & Head of Technology

Warren founded BBG Sports in 1991. Prior to that he was a professional tennis coach and accountant, before spending 12 years leading the Australian Open’s Broadcast and Technology team. After founding BBG Sports, Warren quickly moved into the world of cricket, supporting Nine’s Cricket coverage and developing specialised video solutions for a range of sporting codes, including tennis, soccer, horse racing and AFL. Passionate about the technology he has created, Warren currently leads his team working with  leading networks and sporting codes across the globe.
To contact Warren – warren@bbgsports.com

Marcus Brennan

Marcus Brennan – Director of Operations
Marcus has been with BBG Sports since the beginning and is responsible for BBG Sports’ IT support, systems development, web development and project management. Marcus spent three years based in the US working behind the scenes at some of the great sporting events in the world; The Masters at Augusta, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open.
To contact Marcus – marcus@bbgsports.com

Katrina Kearney

Katrina Kearney – Director of Administration & Human Resources
Katrina started her career as a professional tennis coach before completing a Sports Management degree at Victoria University. Katrina is responsible for handling BBG Sports’ client negotiations and contracts, and also manages team operations as they work with clients across the globe.
To contact Katrina – katrina@bbgsports.com

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